Enjoy hassle free, guaranteed rent 52 weeks of the year!

  • 0% Commission and NO fees
  • NO void periods
  • NO Council tax or bills
  • NO Maintenance costs
  • NO calls from tenants
  • We take care of the property’s condition
  • NO hassle or additional charges for you!

Sound good? If you are interested in finding out more please give Urban Square Property a call today 0800 228 9292.


Just imagine…

  • You can receive rent every month and have no void periods for up to five years
  • You can get paid for full occupancy and not worry about non-paying tenants
  • You can sit back, relax and not have to look for new tenants or contact agents
  • You can give up the day-to-day landlord responsibilities, such as leaking taps and clogged toilets
  • We can take care of the painting, decorating, furnishings, etc
  • We can pay all of the utilities, council tax, boiler insurance, etc
  • You can move out of the student market and into the professional market

Barry and Lisa, it is always a pleasure to deal with you both, I find you honest and open and always look forward to what you going to bring me next.

Mr JonesYork

How it Works

Choosing Urban Square Property makes being a landlord simple and stress free. Enjoy all the benefits without any of the hassle.

Step 1

You provide a house and tell us how much rent you would like.

Step 2

You sign an agreement with us as your perfect tenant.

Step 3

We upgrade the house and find a great tenant to live there.

Step 4

We pay you your guaranteed rent every month. It is always paid on time and in full.

Step 5

We give back the house clean and in a great condition at the end of the agreed period.

Setting up and managing a agreement with us is incredibly easy:

  • You tell us the monthly rental amount that you would be happy to receive.
  • We provide an  agreement that has been drafted by our solicitors and sets out all of the terms.
  • We take over the management of the house and fill it with our professional tenants.
  • You receive your guaranteed rent and watch your bank balance grow!
  • We return the house in great condition at the end of the period.

Want to find out more?

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