A Landlord with a problem property portfolio was facing major stress and anxiety with several properties he owned, he did not have the time or funds to commit to his portfolio anymore.

He had purchased 3 properties in the property boom.  One property was tenanted and the other 2 were empty.  The landlord wanted to sell all 3 but unfortunately they were all in negative equity and in need of some attention.

Problem 1. Negative Equity

Problem 2. 2 properties were empty and Landlord was struggling to meet his financial commitments.

Problem 3. He could not sell the properties

Problem 4. The properties were unloved and need of attention.

The landlord feared losing all 3 of his properties.

landlord-with-a-property-portfolio-problem-case-studyHow a lease option solution helped transform a problem portfolio

As soon as the landlord contacted us we quickly tailor made a solution for his properties which was clear and agreed.  We put in place a lease option for all 3 of the properties and started to give the properties the attention they needed.

These properties are no longer a problem, all 3 are tenanted and now up to a good standard and the Landlord has been able to move on and with no more worries.

If you know a Landlord like this or anyone with Negative equity please give Urban Square Property and we will be able to help 0800 228 9292.

Lisa Hudson

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Lisa Hudson is the Managing Director at Urban Property Square. She is passionate about helping customers by taking the stress out of buying and selling properties. By working closely with all her clients she can provide creative solutions specific to your circumstances.   Find out more about Lisa on her LinkedIn >> 

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